I was born on September 18th 1970 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At an early age my free time was spent drawing and painting. I knew then, that I wanted to earn my living as an artist. Books and movies that focused on the fantastic, fueled my inspiration throughout my early years. This love of drawing and fantasy led me to seek out a career as an illustrator. I started by attending and graduating from Pennsylvania School of Art and Design. For the next two years I apprenticed with a Western and Historical painter named Ken Laager.

This time spent working with a professional painter had an immense impact on my career! I was then introduced to an Artist Rep. in New York City and began working professionally as a book jacket illustrator.

During the early part of my career I painted traditionally in oil paint on primed masonite. With the advances in computer technology I quickly transitioned to working digitally with “Painter” and a “Wacom” tablet. My clients range from Book Publishers to Video Game Studios to Advertising Agencies. Working with such a diverse group of clients allows me to paint a wide variety of subject matter.

Currently I reside in Lititz, Pennsylvania with my wife and two children.